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Adventures with Spirit Podcast

Feb 1, 2023

Crystals are more than pretty rocks on a shelf, they’re their own energetic beings. On this episode of the Adventures with Spirit podcast, Andrea and Jessica invited Sara Bryki to sit down with them to share the crystal 411. Sara is a certified crystal healer, and the founder and CEO of Sarah Bryki Co and Bryki Gallery. Sara has been working with stones and crystals for over 15 years.

From properly clearing your crystals to more deeply understanding self and trusting your intuition, Sara reveals answers to crystal questions that are helpful at any stage of your journey. Listen to the extended version for an even deeper discussion around the use and energies of crystals.

This episode, we discuss:

[01:56] How Spirit introduced Andrea to Sara and the beginning of Sara’s crystal story

[07:05] Sara’s perspective of how she’s used crystals in her life

[08:40] The 411 on keeping your crystals from gathering energetic gunk

[10:58] The superpower of crystals

[14:10] Bringing crystals home with you

[18:01] The difference between clearing and charging crystals

[20:23] What you need to know before working with crystals

[23:29] Shapes of crystals and Sara’s favorite shape right now

[26:08] What happens when a crystal moves on

[31:37] Crystals in jewelry form and crystal combinations 

[35:59] How to know if your crystals are ethically sourced

[44:44] How to find Sara

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