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Adventures with Spirit Podcast

Mar 1, 2023

Have you ever heard the term ‘soul contracts’ and wondered what it meant? One of the number one questions we are asked is how someone can know what their soul contracts are in terms of their romantic, business, or other relationships. Join us in today’s episode of Adventures with Spirit as we dive into the topic of soul contracts, discussing what they are, the amount of free-will versus fate involved, and what purpose they serve in helping you understand yourself on a deeper level.

This episode, we discuss:

[03:17] The role of soul contracts before and after your birth

[05:21] Why soul contracts aren’t black and white

[07:35] The idea of toxic soul contracts

[09:38] Uncovering soul lessons and intentions in your contract

[12:35] How you know you have a soul contract with someone

[18:07] Short-term soul contracts

[23:07] A listener’s question

[25:01] When contracts end

[29:11] What to do with a soul contract

[33:50] One of Jessica’s favorite soul contract experiences

[40:08] Writing the contract vs the script of a soul contract

[42:53] Andrea and Jessica’s summary of soul contracts

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