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Adventures with Spirit Podcast

Mar 15, 2023

Did you know that animal communication can actually help us understand ourselves more deeply? On today’s episode of Adventures With Spirit, we invited our friend, Karin_Bruère, to help us dive into what animal communication really is, how it works, and how the gifts and messages that animals have for us can help us gain a different perspective on our path. Karin is an expert animal communicator and holistic coach for cats and dogs, and has been communicating with animals from a very young age. Listen in to hear more about her story and how understanding our animal friends can bring us to a deeper understanding of self.

This episode, we discuss:


  • [02:29] Karin’s journey to becoming an animal communicator

  • [05:22] How different clairs play a part in Karin’s communication with our furry friends

  • [12:10] Karin’s work as an animal healer

  • [14:24] How animals can be a reflection of self

  • [20:31] How soul plans work with our furry loved ones

  • [25:08] What Karin wants you to know about losing a pet

  • [30:03] Why it can be more difficult to our own pets

  • [31:55] How to get started with animal communication

  • [36:20] Communicating with different animals

  • [40:17] Using animal communication to keep animals from harm

  • [42:58] Karin’s experience with collective versus individual consciousness

  • [46:23] Seeing our pets in our dreams

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